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Laura’s mission is to help people build a bridge between when they are now and who they want to become. 

By using NLP techniques, neuroplasticity, deep inner child work, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), Laura has seen impressive results with her private clients and wants to have a greater impact in hopes to reduce individuals' internal suffering.


Laura has a fear of public speaking, she jokes that she sweats through her shirt everytime, but her passion to help others outweighs any personal fear. She predominantly works with high stressed women and helps them rewire their mind for success. Laura speaks to what she knows and finds a way to make change feel realistic and doable.


The audience will walk away with the necessary tools to challenge and overcome the obstacles that create internal suffering. What makes Laura different is her passion, drive and commitment to each individual she works with, making success inevitable.


About Laura

With over 11 certifications ranging from body mechanics, personal training, nutrition, human behavior and mindset, Laura uses her empathic skills to connect with the audience to share a revolutionary understanding of what being healthy truly means. Laura’s passion and energy empowers the audience to let go of an old and outdated understanding of health, to make way for a way of living that embodies health leading with the mind.


Having started her career as a personal trainer, Laura worked with individuals on their body, while listening and learning about their relationships, career and health. It became very clear the change her clients were seeking couldn’t be achieved and maintained by fitness alone. Between her genuine desire to help and her stubbornness Laura dedicated herself to understanding how to build health into people's lives as a staple of their life rather than another “to-do.”


This journey opened her eyes to a whole new understanding of the mind and human behavior cultivating an awareness of how people get stuck in familiar patterns leading to an unfulfilled life. With this new awareness, Laura got back to work to learn how to break down the necessary steps to uproot our conditioning and familiar patterns in order to build your desired life.


Laura’s authenticity radiates compassion and understanding having struggled with her own health most her life making her message impactful and relatable. She is dedicated to helping people live a life without regret.


Laura's Talks

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Knowing what, when and how to eat to be healthy is insanely frustrating. All anyone wants is a guide for what to eat and what not to eat so they can live happily ever skinny….. But it’s not that simple, knowing isn’t enough. This eye opening and interactive presentation will help your audience understand how their relationship with food influences their mind creating a cycle of self-sabotage.


Laura will teach the 3 steps necessary to get your mind and body to collaborate. Through this collaboration your audience will be able to redefine their relationship with food, igniting an internal power to achieve their desired state of health.


We all are guilty of feeling stuck or unmotivated to take ourselves to the next level. We set goals, try to build habits, only to find ourselves right back where we began. It's frustrating! This inspiring presentation will teach your audience how to break their subconscious conditioning and update their mental filter, making forward motion automatic. Laura will challenge your audience to expand their comfort zone to understand their emotional world and how our emotions drive us.


With Laura’s 3 step solution your audience will be able to communicate more effectively, create stronger connections, and cultivate inner alignment between their emotional world and desired outcome

Past Clients

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Image by Joao Cruz

“Laura has a way with putting things into perspective.


Listening to her is like “WOW” - eye opening and life-shifting. I


f you want to move your focus from one of fear into one of hope, then take a moment and key into what she shares!


She has key insights into small changes that can help move mindset to a happier place instantaneously!


During one of her processes, I felt completely relaxed and able to be more of myself! Thank you, Laura, for helping me create more confidence, and less stress in my lifestyle.


Laura is a GOD-send!”

Brenda Hoehn

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